Auburn Women

Susan McIntosh Housel ’73

Susan McIntosh Housel '73

During my first year at Auburn, Suzan Curry, greatly respected for her academic intelligence and moral character, invited me to serve as the freshman representative to her committee in our sorority. She later invited me to go with her to a wrestling match where her boyfriend Jim competed for Auburn. After her graduation, another invitation came. This one was for Suzan and Jim’s wedding. Suzan and Jim became an Army family, graduate students and eventually NASA employees.

Years later, my husband and I hosted Suzan and Jim at dinner, on Auburn football weekends and at a bowl game. Suzan and Jim invited us to attend NASA space shuttle launches from Kennedy Space Center. Jim had become NASA Astronaut Jim Voss. Suzan C. Voss had joined the management team for the U.S. Laboratory Module “Destiny” which controlled systems of the International Space Station. She also worked at the Moscow (Russia) Technical Liaison office, coordinating American and Russian teams for the ISS.

Jim had responsibilities on four shuttle flights, then in 2001 was part of the second crew to live and work on the Space Station. Incredibly, Jim called me from the ISS and sang “Happy Birthday!” Jim has retired from NASA, but Suzan continues to work for NASA, based in Houston,Texas at the Johnson Space Center. Underscoring the concept of “International”, Suzan’s work has included interaction with space agencies from Russia, Europe, Canada and Japan. With degrees in math, business and engineering, Suzan serves on the Dean’s Leadership Council for Auburn’s College of Science and Math.

To Suzan Curry Voss, an exceptional Auburn woman, thanks for the invitation. War Eagle!