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Sweet Spot

Even though he’s a mechanical engineering major, Wetumpka native Cliff Welch hasn’t ditched his first love— drawing. “I’ve always drawn, ever since I was little,” Welch said. And this year, his drawings paid off in a sweet way. Welch won a competition sponsored by Marzetti by submitting the top-notch design for its individual packs of caramel dip.

Welch took his inspiration from a cup he remembered seeing at a fast-food joint a few years back. It featured a dominate swirl of Coke beyond the simple logo. He transferred this cartoonish and thick-lined design to his own blueprint and also applied vector-styled art for the flow of caramel around the packaging. It only took him a week to sketch out his exact idea before tweaking it in Photoshop.

“For the longest time, I thought I had lost,” Welch said laughing. He explained that the competition guidelines identified a certain date for the winners to hear from Marzetti. Welch wasn’t notified that he had won for an additional two months beyond the specific date. He was in the student center when he received the phone call from his mom. “She was definitely crying.” Welch won an iMac computer, a Canon DSLR camera and Photoshop, totaling $3,500 in prizes. The Auburn art department also received $5,000.

The sophomore hopes to find a job that mixes design and engineering principles, two things that have always interested him equally. “That would be my dream job.”

What’s one more sweet connection between Aubrn and Marzetti, besides Welch? Under the Marzetti family of brands is Sister Schubert’s Homemade Rolls and the namesake, “Sister,” is an Auburn Alum— Patricia Wood Barnes ’72.