Campus Concerts: The Big Question

Campus Concerts: The Big Question

What was your favorite concert you attended while a student at Auburn?

“Elton John!! I knew every song on the “Yellow Brick Road” album and it was a blast to sing along! He puts on a fabulous show!!”

Nancy Young ’77

“The Rolling Stones (Nov. 14, 1969).”

R. Stephen  Cooper ’68

“Elvis Presley at Memorial Coliseum in the early 1970s. He was fabulous!!”

Thomas Johnson ’78

“I think one of the best concerts I attended at Auburn was the Commodores in their prime! Given that they were from Tuskegee right down the road, the concert attendees were a great mix of Auburn and Tuskegee students, almost all of whom knew the words to every Commodores song and we sang along at the top of our lungs. And of course, the fabulous outfits worn by the band were the best in late ’70s/early ’80s glittery disco!”

Becky Liner ’81

The Commodores

Jimmy Buffett Poster

“When I was a freshman (fall 1985), Jimmy Buffett came to the arena to perform for Homecoming week. He told stories about being at Auburn, not even knowing where the library was and what good times he had on campus. It was a great concert with lots of new friends and a look into what my Auburn experience would be like: great friends and great times and a lifetime of memories.”

Deirdre Hill ’89

“Tim McGraw and Faith Hill but man do I wish I had gone to Willie Nelson! What in the world was I thinking skipping that one?!”

Alison Eisiminger ’00

Lynyrd Skynyrd

“The best concert for me was the Eagles in 1981. One of my all-time favorite bands—ever! However, my date decided that he would make the concert a better experience for me by singing along with the Eagles in my ear—off tune!!! I dealt with it until my favorite song, ‘Already Gone’ started. I told my date that I was trying to listen to the music—not him—and could he please stop. Needless to say, we broke up almost immediately.”

Betty Steger-Moulton ’82
Neil Diamond on stage singing

Neil Diamond

“James Taylor! He came out on stage alone, no backup musicians or singers, and played and sang for an hour and a half with no intermission. It was AUsome!”

Lillian Quattlebaum ’78

James Taylor strumming his guitar on stage while singing into microphone

Neil Diamond

Lionel Richie on stage singing with microphone in his right hand

Lionel Richie

“Eagles 2/1/80. Had a date with my future wife.”

Christopher Butterworth ’81

“The Beach Boys came to Auburn March 31, 1972. I had turned 21 on the 28th so it was a birthday celebration weekend! What great memories singing along to all my favorites!”

Lillian Quattlebaum ’78