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Team Greene

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Mr. and Mrs. Allen Greene

The hiring of Allen Greene as Auburn University’s 15th Athletic Director signals a new direction in more ways than one. At 40 years young, Greene is one of the nation’s youngest ADs, but he brings a competitive fire and a wealth of experience to the Plains. A former Notre Dame baseball player, Greene was taken in the 9th round of the 1998 draft by the New York Yankees. He returned to South Bend, Ind. to work with Notre Dame athletics’ front office, beginning a career that would take him to Ole Miss and later the University at Buffalo. Auburn Magazine took five with Greene to find out what Auburn tradition he’s most excited for (spoiler: it’s rolling Toomer’s Corner.)

Who were your sports heroes when you were growing up?

As a baseball player growing up, I idolized Tony Gwynn and Ken Griffey, Jr.
But let’s be honest, how can you not look up to Bo Jackson? I remember my first pair of “Auburn inspired” Bo Jackson’s and even had his “The Ball Player” poster on my wall.

What was your favorite moment (or moments) playing baseball?

There were so many positive things I remember about playing baseball and each level provided a different perspective. That said, my favorite moments always involved being with the guys. Whether on a long bus ride, in the locker room or hanging out in the team hotel—those are memories I will cherish forever.

Schools often have their own distinct sports, such as rifle at Ole Miss or curling with University at Buffalo’s Young Alumni Association. What unique sports at Auburn are you excited to learn more about?

For me there’s only one obvious answer, and that’s Equestrian. Coach Williams and the student-athletes have a heavy lift in terms of getting me in the saddle… pun intended.

What about Auburn convinced you to take on this new role?

Quite simply, the people! As I’ve told some members of the search committee, I was drinking the Kool-Aid right away. The passion for AU and athletics is energizing and I can’t wait to get to The Plains.

What are you and your family most looking forward to, once they relocate to Auburn?

We’re looking forward to meeting the people and immersing ourselves in the Auburn community.