Auburn Women

Teresa Taber Doughty ’84

Teresa Taber Doughty '84

I was one of four siblings attending Auburn in the early 1980’s. My three brothers and I were all a year apart and enrolled in programs across the university. While I was the second of my siblings to begin at Auburn, I was the first to complete my bachelor’s degree!

As a graduate of the College of Education, I planned to be a teacher. More specifically, a special education teacher who worked directly with children with intellectual disabilities an autism. As I entered my first teaching job, I found that my AU education prepared me for excellence as a professional educator. I believe that it was the Auburn Creed — “I believe in work. Hard work” — that set me on a path for success.

Since entering the teaching profession 33 years ago, I have continued to serve as a teacher — in the public schools, as an advocate for persons with disabilities, researcher, and as a university professor. Today, I serve as the dean of a college of education at a top research university where I am responsible for overseeing the preparation of the next generation of education professionals.

For me, Auburn was where it began. Teacher. Leader. Change-maker. Auburn instilled in me a love for education, a strong work ethic that leads to getting things done, and a strong sense of loyalty and connection to others. I will always love Auburn and do my best to uphold its creed. It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger and one of many Auburn women graduates!