Terms and Agreements for Reserving Ad Space


The publisher reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement at any time, including that which has been published or accepted previously. Auburn Magazine will accept no advertising which is racially or sexually discriminatory, nor advertising which is deceiving or fraudulent in nature. The advertiser and/ or his agent agree to assume all liability for content of ads printed and must be fully authorized for use of the ad’s content, including, but not limited to, persons’ names, pictures, testimonials and any copyrighted or trademarked material. Submission of advertising materials constitutes an agreement on the part of the advertiser and/or agent to indemnify and hold harmless the Auburn Alumni Association, Auburn University, and AuburnMagazine against any resulting loss, liability, damage, and/or expense of whatever nature. If an advertiser reserves space but fails to send new artwork by the materials deadline, Auburn Magazine may run the most recently published ad or an Auburn Magazine ad in its place at the advertiser’s cost. The publisher reserves the right to re-size any non-conforming ad to fit.

Use of Auburn University Logos

All products containing licensed Auburn University names or logos must be registered with Auburn University’s Trademark and Licensing office. Advertisers using Auburn logos will need to provide proof of proper registration. Ad Approval The advertisement submitted for publication must be of professional quality. Advertisers and their agencies will be expected to meet the magazine’s quality standards. Advertisers/agencies should check with the advertising representative concerning rates and approval of special inserts. Advertisers/agencies must meet the requirements stipulated not only in this section, but elsewhere in the media kit.

Making a Space Reservation

To make a space reservation complete the space advertising reservation form online. Follow all deadlines and regulations specified in the media kit and contact the advertising representative early with any questions or problems. Whenever possible, preference will be given to advertisers wishing to commit to a four-issue run contract. Confirmation of receipt will be given for all space reservations and artwork submissions. If no confirmation is received within 48 hours, contact Morgan Rigsby at (334) 844-2960. Payment, Rates, Discount Checks should be made out to the Auburn Alumni Association and are due by the “Ad/Payment Due By” dates indicated in the media kit. Cancellation after confirmation of ad space deadline will result in advertiser/agency being billed for half the cost of confirmed space. Cancellation after ad due date results in full charge for confirmed space. In addition, payments made after the due date will result in a 15% penalty fee added to the original balance. Additional late fees at a rate of 5% per week will also accrue. .After 30 days of nonpayment past the due date, collection of the original balance plus all penalty fees will be referred to a collection agency. At that time the advertiser /agency will be responsible for all monies due Auburn Magazine including collection agency fees and potential attorneys’ fees. Rates are listed in the digital media kit. If, at the end of one year (four issues), an advertiser/agency has failed to fulfill the contract, the advertiser/agency will be subject to short-rate billing.