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The Bond of Industrial Design

Carter McGuyerThere’s no need to sacrifice style when it comes to your kitchen products. Carter McGuyer has made sure of that. The Bond of industrial design, McGuyer has a flair for design and a personal style to match, but what makes him eligible to be compared to the legendary James Bond character? Here’s what we think.

The Bond character is competent, professional and knowledgeable.  Put him in any situation and he can figure his way out. Looking at McGuyer’s company, professionalism isn’t even a question and his ability to design and create the perfect tool for anyone’s kitchen shows that he’s more than competent. As far as being knowledgeable goes,  the McGuyer kitchen products combine the perfect level of style and utility showing that he knows what he’s doing.

Bond is also known for his good looks, beautiful women and of course the gadgets. Named one of Esquire’s 25-best-dressed-real-men, McGuyer has got the looks and the style that could rival James Bond himself. McGuyer’s wife, Brandi, is a former ballerina and with those legs and her grace, she’s McGuyer’s real life Bond girl. As far as the gadgets go, take one look at his designs and you’ll see he’s got the gadgets.

In each movie we see Bond saving the girl and stopping evil. We think that by designing kitchen products that save time and make life a little easier, McGuyer is saving the everyday, domestic lady one kitchen at a time.