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The Diary of an Auburn Artist

An original Margee' Ragland paining Pablo Picasso once said, “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” If that is the case, Margee Bright Ragland has a lengthy and impressive diary full of exciting and captivating pieces.

Margee has had a talent and love for art since she was young. “I have always liked drawing and painting,” Ragland said. “It was the one thing I could do really well, so I stuck with it.”

Margee graduated from Auburn University in 1970 with a degree in visual arts. “All the electives I took were in painting and printmaking. I tend to lean more to the fine arts side, rather than commercial arts.”

After graduating from Auburn, Margee and her best friend moved to Denver, where she took a job with Technicolor Corporations. Not long after the move, she came to the realization that it was not for her and moved back to Atlanta, her hometown, and decided to get her masters in visual arts in 1974 from Georgia State University.

Margie's studioToday, Margee is a professor of art at Georgia State University Perimeter College in Atlanta, Georgia. She teaches art appreciation, drawing and watercolor and has been teaching abroad every summer since 1999. This year she will travel to London for five weeks to teach art appreciation and watercolor.
Aside from teaching, Margee is also a well-accomplished artist, Her vivid work is displayed throughout the United States, Europe and Latin America.

She is a member of the Mystical Order of East Alabama Fiction Writers. This group of accomplished women has published two books, “The Ploy of Cooking” and “Be the Flame”, which was later republished as “Be The Flame (Not The Moth).” Margee drew all of the illustrations for the books.Margee

Besides the work with the Mystics, Margee has also had a book of her own published titled the “Bright Illuminations: The Art of Margee Bright Ragland and the Words of Others.” The book contains 49 collages with the work of 27 artists writing about the pieces.

Most recently, she has been working on watercolor paintings of animals and turning her art into jewelry.

“I just am really interested in making art. It is almost like I have to because I enjoy it so.”

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