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The Frustration Of Harold Franklin, pt. 4

This is the fourth and final installment of The Frustration Of Harold Franklin, the story of Auburn University’s first African-American student.

Finally enrolled in classes at Auburn and approaching his scheduled graduation time, Franklin encounters more bureaucratic obstacles as he attempts to write his thesis on the Civil Rights Movement. The mounting difficulties would eventually prompt Franklin to drop out of Auburn entirely.

Though he had fought hard just to be the first of his color to attend Auburn, paving the way for all non-white students in the process, Franklin did not graduate. Instead he would go on to finish school teaching and studying at Troy University and Alabama State before receiving a scholarship to study International Affairs at the University of Denver, where he would eventually attend classes with future Secretary Of State Condoleezza Rice.


In 2001 Auburn extended an honorary degree to Franklin.

The complete story of Franklin’s experience desegregating Auburn University is available in the Summer 2014 issue of Auburn Magazine.

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