Auburn News

The Loveliest Campus on the Plains

Samford HallThis summer will be my second, and last, summer spent interning in Auburn.  I am about to graduate and move away from this lovely village on the plains.  During the past few weeks I have made time during my days and evenings to walk around campus and take in its beauty while I still can.

While on a run around the perimeter of campus the other day, I started to think about what has changed since I came here for the first time in August of 2006.  New buildings have been erected and new landscapes have been created, but one thing still remains: Auburn’s breathtaking beauty.

When I was a freshman, there was no student center with a full-service Starbucks. The idea of apartment-style dorms like the Village was a distant thought.   Gorgeous buildings such as the Shelby Center and the Miller Gorrie Center were only blueprints.

While recognizing all that has changed on our campus, I couldn’t help but wonder how other alumni feel when they visit Auburn each year?  What was campus like back when they attended the university, and how much has it changed over time in their eyes?