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The “Signing Day sniffles”

People from all over the southeast wish it was a national holiday.  Today is the day a mysterious “cold” affects employees in a wide variety of professions.

Today is National Signing Day.

The day that young, talented prospects declare their schools; the schools they hope to bring to victory on the football field.

As people sit in the break room watching ESPN, or following the progress on their work computer, these young men are making college football fans experience a wide range of emotions. Happy when a top recruit chooses their school; sad, or even angry when a recruit goes to the rival school across state.

It is true that a good recruiting class is vital to the health of the team, on and off the field. A top-notch recruiting class gives fans something to hope for in the upcoming fall. A recruitment class that falls short may discourage a school’s faithful followers.

As Auburn starts 2012 with a new offensive and defensive coordinator, there is some mystery as to how the team will look in the upcoming year. Who will start as quarterback? Who will be the next breakout running back? All of these questions remain unanswered on this first day in February.

But, one thing that is certain, is that the young men signing with Auburn today will have chosen the best school in the southeast and the nation. There are few places that feel as electric as Jordan-Hare Stadium on game day—and the players signing on to be Tigers will soon know this.

They have chosen a place where not only will they be nurtured athletically, but also intellectually and emotionally. Gene Chizik has said it before—the Auburn Family is “All In,” and these boys will be playing for the best fan base in the country.

So, enjoy those “Signing Day sniffles.”

War Eagle!