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The Slick Scoop.. the first day

By July 23, 2010 No Comments

I began working on June 11th. The site was very primitive the first couple of days but soon became a “luxury resort” as amenities such as table and chairs and air conditioning were added to the tent. Many changes have come since first arriving.

New acquaintances have been made, and old ones rekindled. This entire process of preparing for the possibility of oil getting into Mobile Bay and the adjoining waterways has been a unique adventure in itself.

We began working seven days a week, but are now getting one day off on a rotation schedule. Days are 13 hours long, not leaving much time at home, but everyone seems committed to see this job through to the end.

I will send more in the way of photos and information as I can. Enjoy and keep everyone involved with this disaster in your thoughts and prayers. Fortunately we have been blessed and have not had any significant problems in the area.
War Eagle
Marvin Ussery ’74