Auburn News

The Slick Scoop… tropical storm Bonnie

We were given the word Thursday afternoon the work site would be shut down Friday due to the threat of tropical storm Bonnie. When we arrived Friday morning we were told to remove all items from our boats. All items on the work site would also be removed or taken down.

Boats were moved to an inland storage lot as well as other vehicles like the vac trucks. We were sent home early Friday afternoon. They told us the site would be closed Saturday and Sunday and to report back Monday morning unless we were notified otherwise. Of course tropical storm Bonnie fizzled out so all of this was for naught.

You never know about these storms and you cannot afford to wait. Saturday was my scheduled day off this week so Sunday was a bonus. Gave me some time at home to catch up and get some rest. Tomorrow will be a day of getting things back in order, up and running.

War Eagle,
Marvin Ussery ’74