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The Slick Scoop…

By July 22, 2010 No Comments

Marvin Ussery ’74 was retired. At least until mid-June, when he began working 13-hour days, 7 days a week on the oil spill cleanup in Baldwin County. Once a chief administrator for the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office, he and his wife Sally Peck Ussery ’73 now strive to get Alabama’s beaches and water back to normal again.

“We are fortunate to live on Mobile Bay and have been very blessed to enjoy the sanctuary it has and still provides,” he says.

“As we watched the oil spill unfold, of course we became very concerned as did everyone in the region. I felt the need to try and give back a little something to something which has been good to me.”

He became involved with the spill through a friend who owns an environmental cleanup business. “In early June he let me know that if I wanted to work I had to be at his office the next morning at 6 am to begin a 40 hour Hazwhopper class which is required to work on these type of disasters and spills” says Marvin. After completion of the class BP and the state of Alabama then issued him contractor cards, and his work on the beaches and in the water hasn’t stopped since.

He will be giving updates and sending photos of the cleanup process, so check regularly for the latest information.