Auburn News

“The Times They are A-Changin”

For Christmas, I received one of my favorite gifts of my life so far. It is a gift that keeps on giving, and is not only enjoyable– but convenient as well.

For all you bookworms out there, you can imagine my excitement when I opened an Amazon Kindle on December 25. I rushed to my computer plugged it up and downloaded my first book.

It was not until I arrived back on the plains for my last semester that I realized what owning the Kindle (or any other type of e-reader) actually meant. Gone were the days of going to the Auburn Bookstore to buy my textbooks and gone were the days of lugging a heavy backpack around campus.

I was now part of the new generation of students. This technology has changed the way a college classroom looks, from PowerPoint, notes typed on a laptop, and textbooks that can now be at the touch of your finger– in a device that weighs less than a pound. I have also heard stories of the days when drop/add consisted of standing in lines for the classes that were needed; my how things have certainly changed.

It is incredible to see how much things have changed, even in my four years at Auburn. As I walk through campus, even parts of the landscape have changed drastically. Where there used to be just an empty lot, there are now the Village residence halls, Village dining and the new Auburn arena. No longer can you drive all the way down Thach, it is now a pedestrian concourse (even though the speeding bikes feel almost as dangerous as cars sometimes). Other changes happening on campus involve the new state-of-the art Student Activities Center and the Student Center complete with a variety of dining options.

But, even with these changes in technology and landscape, Auburn still feels the way it felt when I came for my first Auburn game as a young child. When my dad comes to visit (a 1981 graduate), I know he feels the same way. As we drive by the old duplex he used to live in, it is obvious that he agrees; Auburn is still the same wonderful place he left 31 years ago. The traditions are the same, the people are just as kind, and the students still love their school with a passion.

As the old, cliché’ saying goes “the only thing that doesn’t change, is that everything changes,” and as Bob Dylan sings in his rough yet somehow beautiful voice, “The Times They are A-Changin.” How has Auburn changed since you were a student? What things are the same? Let us know!