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This is Auburn Speaker Series

Time was running out in Jordan-Hare stadium and Auburn and Alabama were going into overtime, tied at 28.

“And then Nick had to go and argue for his one second,” said Rob Bramblett ’88, the voice of the Auburn Tigers, at the “This is Auburn” speaker series.

Bramblett was never going to be an Auburn Tiger. He was a die-hard Georgia fan growing up, planned on going to Samford after high school, and only ended up at Auburn because the scholarship money that was going to pay for Samford ran out. Now he hates Georgia almost as much as he hates that school up in Tuscaloosa and has created two of the most recognized play-by-play calls in Auburn football history.

“Don’t always expect a straight path or a smooth road to where you’re going,” Bramblett said.

This is Auburn

The “This is Auburn” speech on Feb. 26 introduced seven people who are defining what being a part of the Auburn Family means.

This is Auburn is part of Auburn’s brand, said speaker Camille Barkley, assistant vice president for the Office of Communications and Marketing. Everyone who is a part of the Auburn Family is part of the brand, and they own it. One and a half years after the now recognized “This is Auburn” brand was started, both alumni and prospective students have come to know and appreciate the label.

Seven percent more prospective students defined Auburn University as a great Southeastern university since “This is Auburn” started. The “This is Auburn” commercial saw 83 percent of alumni believing the new brand campaign showed Auburn in a positive light, 74 percent of prospective students wanting to know more about Auburn and 86 percent of alumni recognizing the “This is Auburn” brand.

At its core, “This is Auburn” is more than a way to draw new students to Auburn’s campus. Barkley stated six chapters of “This is Auburn” that help define the Auburn Family.

  1. This is Academic Strength
  2. This is Research
  3. This is Return on Investment
  4. This is Tradition
  5. This is Outreach
  6. This is a Smart Choice

The seven speakers had a wide variety of different professions and specialties, but behind each one was the choice of investing their time in Auburn and the Auburn community.

The Speakers

Camille Barkley: Assistant vice president for the Office of Communications and Marketing. Barkley has worked in marketing for 25 years, 11 of which have been at Auburn.

Rod Bramblett ‘88: Director of broadcast services and lead announcer for Auburn IMG Sports Network. Bramblett is the lead announcer for Auburn football, baseball and men’s basketball, and won the Sports Broadcaster of the Year award in Alabama in both 2006 and 2010. He has lived in Auburn every year except for one since starting college, and the university has given him the chance to follow sports broadcasting. The 2013 Auburn football team has given him a recording of the Iron Bowl that Bramblett states he will play at every speaking engagement until he dies.

Dolly Marshall: McDonald’s franchise owner and president of McDonald’s Women Operators Network for the Atlanta Region. Marshall did not attend Auburn University, but has immersed herself in the community. Since moving to Auburn with her husband and two sons, she has become a multi-business owner employing around 400 people in the Auburn-Opelika area.

David Crumbley: Assistant clinical professor of nursing at Auburn University. Crumbley spent 20 years as a Naval officer and retired at the rank of Comander. His work led him to applying new research and technology to wounded veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq. Auburn gave him the opportunity to continue his work with the wounded through Project Serve, helping nursing students identify health issues with veterans.

Josh Wetzel: Veteran and marketing student at Auburn University. Wetzel served in the U.S. Army and was injured in Afghanistan. The treatment that he received was designed by Crumbley. Wetzel recognizes the struggle that veterans have because they don’t have the support that they need, but the Auburn Family gave him the support he needed while being treated for his injuries. In his recovery room at a hospital in Washington D.C., President Obama came by while Wetzel was wearing his Auburn shirt. The president’s photographer took a photo of Wetzel and the president praying, which became his top photograph for 2012.

Megan Smalley ‘09: Creator and owner of Scarlet & Gold and former Auburn University cheerleader. Smalley tried out to be an Auburn cheerleader her sophomore year, but wasn’t selected for the team. The very next day she started working towards next year’s try outs with the reasoning that if she tried her hardest and didn’t make it then it wasn’t meant to be, but she wouldn’t be able to look back and have any regrets. Her junior year her name was yelled during call outs. Smalley used the character traits and life lessons she learned from cheerleading to create her now successful lifestyle and gift brand Scarlet & Gold after being laid off from her job.

Kyle Marchuk: Auburn University senior in marketing with a minor in supply chain management. Marchuk won this year’s student speaker contest, is the head marketing intern with Auburn Athletics and is the president of the Auburn University chapter of Active Minds. He set out to answer the question how do we bring mental health awareness to kids who may or may not know they need it after a close friend committed suicide his freshman year of college. Marchuk took advantage of his opportunities that Auburn gave him and has successfully started Active Minds at Auburn to bring awareness to mental health issues.