Auburn News

To Rush or Not to Rush

By: Megan Maloney and Alice Fraasa

Deciding which college I wanted to attend was a huge decision, but that was just the first of many I was about to make. One of the biggest decisions that I faced was to “rush” or “not to rush”.

According to the Auburn University Office of Greek Life in the Fall of 2008, 34% of undergraduate women were Greek.

I knew the Greek life was a big deal at Auburn, but I was still unsure about rushing a sorority.


Girls waiting in line to start the rush process!

Neither of my parents were Greek, and both were scared of the awful things they had heard about sororities.

Ignoring their predispositions a month before school started I decided to go through rush. I figured I had nothing to lose, and it was probably a great opportunity to meet friends.

Ultimately, I did join a sorority – and it is so much more than just finding a group of girl friends. It has been an experience that helped me get involved on campus, do community service, establish future connections, and get lots of great leadership experience. When I think back to some of the best memories of my college experience—my sorority and/or my pledge sisters are involved in almost every single one of them. I don’t know where I would be, or what I would have done with my college career if it had not been for my sorority.

I wanted to get someone’s point of view who was not affiliated with a social sorority. I asked my friend and fellow communications’ intern, Alice to write and describe her experience at Auburn being an independent …

From the beginning of my Auburn journey I was positive that I did not want to join a sorority. But, friends and family talked me into at least going through rush. When rush was over I ended up pledging a sorority, mostly because my best friend’s sister was in the sorority. As soon as I became a pledge I knew I was right from the start, sororities were not for me. This had nothing to do with the organization itself. The girls were fun and smart and seemed like an overall great group of people, but like I said, it just wasn’t for me, so I dropped out.

I have been an “independent” ever since and have not once regretted my decision. I have an incredible group of friends, some are Greek and some are not. That’s what’s so great about Auburn, you can be whoever you want to be and you will find people who just mesh with you. I do have some advice for anyone contemplating going through rush. DO IT. Do it, if not for anything else then just for the experience, because it is quite the experience. Oh, and wear flip-flops, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made …

My sorority experience has truly enriched my college experience, but I know that Greek life is not for everyone. Every student will find their way — whether they are Greek or independent.