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Tokyo-The Land of the Rising Sun

By July 17, 2010 No Comments

I have been a design student with Auburn Magazine for several years now. This summer I visited Tokyo, Japan with my sister. Tokyo is the capital and the largest city of Japan. The flight was nice and short—it only took an hour and a half from South Korea. The closest Japanese land was only about thirty minutes or less away from Korea.

I could see why people call Japan the Land of the Rising Sun. I felt like the sun rose a lot earlier in Japan than in Korea.

Each subway station has its own unique song, so it lets people know where the next station will be. They even make the key chains and piggy banks with the songs in it. Also, there is a women only section in a subway train during a certain time frame at night. I thought this was a great idea.

I loved the art and design in Japan because of the uniqueness. The design in every aspect was very detailed and symbolic. We went to this biannual International Art Event called the Design Festa. Over 8,500 artists from all over the world were there to exhibit their creativity. This event includes all sorts of art and design there is today. Most artists there made very detailed handmade crafts/designs such as jewelries, identity suites, dolls, bikes, installations, clothes, pottery, etc. Their graphic design involved lots of illustrations, and I thought that made the design more exclusive and special. Tokyo had many exhibitions on graphic/industrial design. I really enjoyed looking at them, and learned what people design in Japan.

My favorite spot in Tokyo has many cross walks in a wide-open intersection. That exact place is always in movies because it is amazing to see hundreds or maybe thousands of people cross this intersection at the same time! (During the rush hour is the best)

I absolutely loved this trip to the Land of the Rising Sun—shopping, looking at the exhibitions, walking everywhere and seeing the architecture, and experiencing the Japanese food culture—I will always remember it.