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Toilet Paper Throwing Techniques

Typically, unless you leave an Auburn Football game early and get to the corner of College and Magnolia before the clock at Jordan-Hare Stadium zeroes out, you aren’t going to be the first person tossing rolls of toilet paper into those oak trees on Toomer’s Corner.

There are always so many people huddled up under those trees, and there are so many rolls —of various brand and ply—of toilet paper being tossed into the air at one time… It can be a little bit overwhelming.

OK so, you’ve located the roll you plan to toss, you’ve picked your moment perfectly —making sure you aren’t going to hit someone else’s roll and have yours deflect off of it, causing it to fall sadly to the ground below— and now comes that all important question: what technique do you use?

How do you maximize your throw to reach it’s fullest potential? After all, you will likely only get one throw per roll, right? How do you hold and throw the paper to maximize the area that you cover on the tree?

We may need to call out our engineering and physics majors for this one…

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Overhand? Underhand? Do you have a Dominique Wilkins-esque windmill TP throw? Maybe you took TP throwing advice from Doug Flutie, and you use a full-body Hail Mary toss? How good is your curve ball? Do you get fancy with a behind the back, or do you go the safe route and give it the two-handed granny toss? Let us know!