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Vapor Wake Detection Dogs Bring New Levels of Security

The most advanced bomb detection equipment is making an appearance in airports and train stations all over the country, and no it doesn’t mean longer security lines.

Since 1989, Auburn University has been researching canine detection and the process of canine olfaction. The largest canine detection research program in the United States, Auburn University is recognized nationally and internationally for their research training, conditioning and innovation with vapor wake detection dogs.

These dogs are bred and trained to detect the scent of an explosive device in a crowded room even after the device has left the vicinity. Though the smell may be faint and undetectable to humans, the dogs are specially trained to focus in on it. The use of these dogs is becoming a growing trend and many are recognizing them as being the latest in bomb detection technology because dogs are more sensitive, adaptive and mobile than any machine.

Visit the Canine Detection Research Institute website for more information.