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Visiting Fan Discovers Why It’s Great to Be an Auburn Tiger

After this week’s nail-biting game against the LSU Tigers, an Auburn message board received a story that would make any Auburn fan swell up with pride.

This story, sent in by an Auburn fan at Saturday’s game, serves as a little reminded to us why we believe in Auburn and will always love it.

Photography by Todd Van Emst

“We had two men sit beside us in our regular seats last night all decked out in AU gear. As we visited with him during the pregame warm ups he reminded us of how special Auburn really is. He said he and his friend were from Oregon.

They were Oregon fans. They flew here for our game which puzzled us obviously so we asked if he had family here. He said no, that he has a bucket list. He said he was starting to mark off things on his bucket list and that one of the things on that list was to attend an SEC night game. He picked this one and his friend came along.

He couldn’t stand for very long at a time, he was very sweaty and tired (he looked like he might have been sick). He sat there and took it all in with the biggest smile on his face. As the players warmed up and then gathered together right before the run in the tunnel the crowd went crazy and clapping ect., he clapped along and then leaned in and said ‘what happened, why are we cheering’ we explained and he said ‘wow, this is amazing’ As the videos played and crowd grew in size and volume he joined right in. As we did the Auburn spell out he cheered loudly then then starting chanting S-E-C S-E-C. He asked when and from where would ‘the bird’ fly in. He said he has wanted to see this for years. As Nova flew he joined in with the chant and the circling of his hands. When Nova landed at midfield he cheered and leaped and as I watched his experience he had tears streaming down his face. He said he had never experienced any atmosphere like this and how lucky we are were to have this and that we should make sure to always appreciate it.

He couldn’t stay the whole game. His friend did stay and cheered right along, loud as could be as if he had always been an Auburn fan. He may have come there never having been an Auburn fan but I know they both left there Auburn fans for life. I wanted to share this story because I felt so strong about this stranger’s message. I want to win always as much as anyone but sometimes I take for granted what we have at Auburn. The tradition, the atmosphere is unmatched anywhere. I am proud of our players and I was even more proud of the crowd last night. If you weren’t there then let me tell you about after the game. The student section and most of the lower sections cheered loudly with a standing ovation to the players as they headed back into the tunnel. That made me smile so big. Those players deserved that recognition. Even after the loss I was damn proud to be an Auburn fan!!!”