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“War Eagle” moments

The words “War Eagle” will forever bond the Auburn Family together. It’s just another one of those things that makes Auburn University, and the city of Auburn, so great. Auburn students, alumni and fans are spread all over the entire globe.

Have you ever been on vacation or living in another country far away from the loveliest village on the plains, when suddenly you heard those familiar words come floating your way from across the airport, room or street? “War Eagle!”  Instantly those heartwarming words give you a feeling of home, no matter how far home may actually be.

Kim Pemberton Brooks and several others recently shared their own “War Eagle moments” with us on our Auburn Alumni Association Facebook page!

From Kim Pemberton Brooks: My husband and I just returned from a Mediterranean cruise. We are Auburn Engineers as well as both of our Dads. Our son is now an Auburn Engineering student! We love the tradition of Auburn and especially hearing War Eagle when you travel. We heard War Eagle at the Colosseum in Rome and in Alanya, Turkey! Awesome! War Eagle everyone!

From California, Hawaii and Alaska to the middle of Europe, you all shared these memorable moments with us. Thank you for sharing your memories and reminding us of the indescribable sense of pride we have in our university!

War Eagle!


Share more of your War Eagle moments with us in the comments below!