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We love hanging out on Facebook…do you?

By September 30, 2010 No Comments

The last few weeks we have been trying something a little different in the way we handle our social media. Instead of simply feeding you hungry folks information, pictures and videos, and then letting you all just “look at it”, we have tried our best, and in my opinion succeeded, at making this a 50-50 type relationship.
Whenever we post something, whether it be a Monday Memory, or a houndstooth icing coated cake cleverly filled with glorious orange and blue insides, we are aiming to hear back from you, our alumni, our “customers” so to speak. No we are not selling you anything, however we are providing you with a service. A good online experience.

Take for example the post a few weeks back where we asked if you would rather have the Auburn Grille or the Kopper Kettle return to Auburn. You all went back and forth for about 20 or so posts, and then we jumped back in, redirected the question around to start sharing personal stories about the triumphant victor, the Kopper Kettle, and sure enough the same, and new folks, jumped back in to talk and share stories. It was amazing! We finished the day out with over 200 responses on that one post!

When we post something, whether it be a picture of Auburn men and women serving overseas in Afghanistan or a link to our magazine blog to show video of an alumnus building water filtration centers and starting fish farms to fight hunger in Haiti….we are looking for feedback from you.

We want to see the “Likes” and read the comments back. We love it. When we don’t see anything we can only assume that it was a dud and you folks just are not interested 😉

If you don’t like something, we love to read those too. Because it helps us reach you all better, and again, provide a better service for you.

So the next time you read a post, watch a video clip or go to our blog…subscribe, “like”, comment and share it with your friends and family, and then tell us about it.

Cause face it, we love hanging out with you all, or should I say we “Like” hanging out with you.