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Wendy Parker ’91

Wendy Parker '91

I graduated from AU with a BS in Industrial Design and I was the only female in my IND studio courses for 3 years; an uphill battle. I was even told by one of my IND professors that I was going to have to work twice as hard as the guys to get the same grades. I was super offended by the statement, but now realize he was preparing me for the real world outside those Smith Hall walls.

I didn’t land a permanent job in IND, as the early 90’s were tough on a lot of graduates because of a poor economy. I even worked at a couple restaurants as a hostess and waitress. Quite eye opening and humbling actually. I finally landed a job through a friend of my mother’s in 1993 at an oil tool company handling their safety program. Fast forward 24 years and a couple risk management positions at an insurance brokerage company and a real estate developer/management company, and here I am today – Director of Operations for Transwestern, Asset Services division.

Counteracting that perceived negative experience from that professor with hard work and perseverance and a determination to prove him wrong these past 26 years has paid off.

Those skills I learned at AU IND — organization, planning, self-discipline, presenting and proving my ideas — have all prepared me for the task I’ve now been given. I know now that my hard-fought experience can contribute to my company’s initiative to transform the real estate management world.

I’m proud of where the good Lord has brought me and now I’m actually THANKFUL for that AU professor whose name I cussed for all those years.