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What do you love about Toomer’s Corner?


Every single Auburn fan, student or alum has something they love about Toomer’s Corner, and that is what makes these trees so special to us and what makes it so hard to say goodbye to them.

Toomer’s Corner is a place that everyone who comes to Auburn has to see. The corner is iconic, and rolling the oaks after an Auburn victory is something that every Auburn fan, student and alum should experience. We’ve been working our way (slowly but surely) through our list of The 100 Things We Love About Auburn. Our #4, Toomer’s Corner, will be undergoing some major changes in the near future with the final rolling and removal of the trees set to take place in the coming weeks. Now we want you to help us further examine the things we love about Toomer’s Corner.

What are the 100 Things We Love About Toomer’s Corner? We are asking YOU to contribute to our list! We know you love Toomer’s Corner, and you are going to miss the oak trees, so let us know what it is you love. Post your comments below, post to our Facebook wall, or if you send us something on Twitter, then make sure to include #AuburnMag.

My favorite thing about being at Toomer’s Corner is being led in “Bodda Getta after a big win.” It’s the perfect way to bring the Auburn family closer together while simultaneously giving a hard time to fans of the opposing team that pass through.

What do you love about Toomer’s Corner?

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