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When in Rome

By January 27, 2011 No Comments

Auburn alum Maury Gaston ’82 shared the story of the Auburn Architecture students celebrating the BCS National Championship win in Rome:

The Auburn Architecture students had a great game day experience in Rome. We went to our favorite Irish pub, the Scholar’s Lounge, to watch the game. Although it was a 2:30 a.m. kickoff, there was a good crowd of Auburn family at the bar. We met a large group of students from Birmingham Southern and Samford University.  One of the Samford professors is an Auburn Alum.

The Scholar’s Lounge was nice enough to stay open until the end of the first half, so we had just enough time to walk across the Tiber River to our apartments in Trestevere, Rome, to watch the second half.  We tried not to wake all of our neighbors as we huddled around our laptops for the last few minutes of the game – finally taking to the streets in celebration of the big win.  Although most of us didn’t get back home till 6am and we had to be ready for a walking tour of Rome at 8am, it was totally worth staying up for – WAR EAGLE