Auburn Women

Whitley Kelley ’12

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Whitley Kelley '12

As a third generation Auburn student and the first woman in my family to attend Auburn, I was very aware, from the moment I set foot on campus, of the gravity of the phrase “Auburn woman.” What I couldn’t have known as a freshman, but learned during my time at Auburn and beyond, is the community I would find among other Auburn women–fellow students and campus leaders that took up the mantle of Auburn womanhood and carried it out with fierce integrity, shrewd intelligence, and the warmest of compassion. My time at Auburn was special, just as it was and is for so many others. But one of the most important things I left Auburn with, along with a degree and a lifetime’s worth of memories, is a community of like-minded women that I’m proud to call my forever friends.

Photo: back row, L-R: Courtni Ward, Lauren Weathers Ryan, Whitley Kelley, Collier Tynes, Elizabeth Williams Batte. front row: Sophie Burge.