What appealed to you most about the Auburn Head Coach position?

From a football standpoint, there is no bigger platform than Auburn. I observed Auburn from a distance, the history and tradition and what this program has been able to achieve. I felt excitement when I started to talk about Auburn football and the family atmosphere. That’s important to me. This profession is a team sport. When you have an opportunity like this, your family has to be on board and my family was all in. This was a chance for us to go be a part of something special. This has been an exciting ride and we’re looking forward to what the future looks like at Auburn.

You have worked at a number of programs over the years. Is there a certain game or season from your past coaching career that will always stand out to you?

I’ve been a part of some great games and great rivalries. Every championship and bowl game is special. I’ll say this, though, the first time we take the field in 2021 in Jordan-Hare Stadium will be an ultimate highlight in my career.

What goals have you set for yourself and the Auburn football program?

We’re going to be physical in all three phases. That’s where you start. That takes tremendous work. It takes an elite mindset to do that daily, to create that in the weight room and in how you practice. It takes tremendous discipline to consistently play at a championship level. It’s important that you know your assignment and do it consistently.

I also want guys to have fun. It’s hard to play Division I football at a championship level, but that’s the fun part. Those who want to compete at a high level, they learn to enjoy that. That’s part of the journey.

Everybody wants to get better and develop. For us this goes back to the 1-0 mindset of approaching each day with a sense of purpose and looking to win each day. When you’re doing that, it creates that urgency and enjoyment we all want to have when we’re doing something we’re passionate about.

What message do you have for the Auburn Family ahead of the 2021 season?

I’m excited to be here and I’m certainly looking forward to learning more about Auburn University. We’re looking forward to putting that team on the field that the Auburn family is proud of. I want to make sure we’re competitive, and we see guys who enjoy playing for each other and enjoy playing for Auburn and are going to give it everything they’ve got every time we’re on the field, and will compete at a high level, and we’ve got people in this program who are excited to be here.

What do you like to do in your free time? Do you have any interesting hobbies?

As coaches, we don’t get a ton of free time, but when we do, I love spending time with Kes and the kids. When I have a chance, I like to dive into a good book and learn something new to apply to my life or what we’re doing in the football program and share that with our players. I think good books change your life.