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Who is this man?

Unknown man wearing AU suit

Most people I know adorn their desks with pictures of their loved ones: children, spouses, pets, etc. When asked about their photo collections, the response is usually something like this:

“Yes, that one! That’s Doug and I rappelling at the Walls of Jericho on my birthday two years ago.”

Or, “Oh, yes, that’s Davis. He had ice cream all over his face, and I just HAD to snap a picture!”

But me? What photos do I have on my desk? Well, for the last two months I’ve had a picture of this gentleman prominently tacked up at eye level and adjacent to my computer screen. In this spot, he remains a constant presence in my peripheral real estate as I work. He’s always on my mind, and I am never more than a side glance away from a smile because of him.

I have no idea who he is.

A man brave enough to wear this outfit, this proudly is a true Auburn fan. (Did you notice the tie has eagles and tigers on it?) As far as I’m concerned, this shot and this man have more than earned the right to leave their dusty, archived storage box and take their rightful place in the spotlight. I’d like to introduce him to all of you, if only I knew his name.

If you recognize this gentleman or can tell me anything about the time, location or context of this photo, please email me at