Auburn Clubs Meeting Request Form

  • When possible, the Auburn Alumni Association will schedule and cover travel expenses for one to two (depending on club level) speakers per club per calendar year. Clubs receiving speakers may be determined by availability of funds.

    Clubs must understand there are times when association representatives and/or speakers are not available and clubs must be flexible when determining dates. Many athletic coaches/speakers have extremely restricted availability during their recruitment period, practice, and playing season.

    * Any Auburn Club requesting any speaker must have a current annual report on file with the Office of Alumni Affairs – Club Management and must be in good standing.

    Head Football Coach (AMBUSH)
    Meetings (both the location and number) attended by the head football coach are determined by athletics. A committee composed of university representatives, current Auburn Alumni Association board members, and former Auburn Alumni Association board members submits a list of recommended locations to athletics. The committee’s recommendations are based on past attendance numbers, scholarship contribution, and the potential for alumni engagement. Typically, the list of recommended locations is submitted to athletics in December and locations are determined in early February.

    Other Athletic Coaches
    Chartered Auburn Clubs with an average attendance over the past two years of 75+ at their annual meeting will be submitted to athletics for consideration. Meetings attended by any athletic coach are determined by athletics. Typically, requests for football and basketball coaches are submitted to athletics in early February and locations are determined in mid-March.

    Other Speakers
    Chartered Auburn clubs with a minimum history of 50 or more in attendance at annual meetings are eligible for all other speakers. The Office of Alumni Affairs – Club Management maintains a list of speakers and will try to secure the best fit for your event.

    **To request a speaker for a 2019 annual meeting (April-August), all requests must be received by Friday, Feb. 1, 2019.
  • * Don’t forget to check your local community activities (high school graduation, etc.) for minimal attendance conflicts.
    * If yes and Aubie is unable to travel with the Auburn Alumni Association representative, the club is responsible for Aubie’s travel expenses.