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Your list of the 100 Things You Love About Toomer’s Corner.

Several weeks ago we asked you to help us compile a list of the 100 Things That We Love About Toomer’s Corner. We are so thankful for the positive response that you gave us!
Those iconic oak trees at Toomer’s Corner will always hold a special place in the hearts of those that were able to enjoy them, and while it’s hard for us to say goodbye to a piece of our history, it’s exciting to think about what the future holds for the Toomer’s Corner tradition.
Thank you to the Auburn Family for making April 20th such a memorable celebration! We look forward to many, many more!
War Eagle!
This list was compiled from responses made to our Facebook, Twitter and blog.
  1. Beth Beasley Arnold’80 I loved that thousands of strangers could come together on one street corner with two oak trees, throw toilet paper and become family. We all became part of the same Auburn family!
  2. Shannon Farnell Stringer ‘93 Toomers Drugstore! I am so proud my dad worked there!
  3. Kristi Shults Jacobs ‘93 I loved carrying on the TRADITION! Being able to share the tradition of rolling the trees with your child for the first time is great. You are passing on a family tradition!
  4. Juanita Rotenberry It is just a Beautiful Corner in Auburn and the Lemonade isn’t bad either!
  5. Vickie Giles Benton Toomer’s drug store and their AUsome lemonade!
  6. Rich Edmondson ‘87 Truly enjoyed when the football team got to roll the corner the day Bo was announced as the Heisman winner. Of course that turned into an all out TP war among the players
  7. Sherra Fritz I loved drinking limeade in the shade.
  8. Lynn Brown Garrison Tradition, Samford Hall in the background, common area of excitement and celebration for the AU Family!!!!!
  9. Bradley Roberts Being led in “Bodda Getta” after a big win. It’s the perfect way to bring the Auburn Family closer together while simultaneously giving a hard time to fans of the opposing team that pass through.
  10. Bill Kimber ‘85 Feeling connected to my grandfather, mother and countless other relatives and friends going back three generations who celebrated the Auburn spirit there.
  11. Mave Ellen Duke ‘03 It’s where we gathered during art classes at Biggin (directly behind TC), a special place where we took breaks between classes, the entryway and beginning to so many of my days while I was at school there, a place where we shared victories and many memories together tailgating alongside family and friends; its a part of each and every one of us (AU Family) that no one can ever take away. War Eagle!!!
  12. Kristy Cristobal Warren ‘01 Camaraderie
  13. Tracy Gordon Butler ‘91 How the visiting team has no knowledge that you don’t drive downtown after a win and thy are stuck in the middle looking at us.
  14. Susan Harden Howe ‘84 That no one else has a tradition quite like this one. Sad day……
  15. Kathy Owsley Moates ‘73 I love saying “Meet you at Toomers Corner under the oaks after the game’ and NOBODY ever says “Where’s that?”
  16. Dona Smith ‘82 My Senior year we finally beat UA! I was 9 months pregnant and not allowed to travel to the game in Bham but I still ran or ran woddled from W Magnolia to the corner to join in the celebration when Bo went over the top!
  17. Denise Kappelman ‘81 The awesome feeling of being one huge family, and sharing that with our kids.
  18. Richard Smyer ‘75 Rat-capped Freshmen couldn’t enter through the main gates.
  19. Melissa Tucker ‘09 I love the fact that generations in my family have rolled those trees!! I love knowing that I shared that experience with so many family members. Toomers corner holds SO many memories! War Eagle!
  20. Debbie Schmitz Garner ‘84 I loved sharing the tradition with my husband (who had never been to a college football game( at 40 behaved like a child when he got to throw his first roll! AND I was sharing it with one of my roomies from Auburn!
  21. Peyton Sadler Burke ‘98 this was my freshman year… Wow.. the trees were so FULL and beautiful!
  22. Ginger Tucker May ‘91 As a freshman, I lived in Dorm H. We all gathered around the little tv in the lobby to see Bo win the Heisman. When he was announced as the winner, we grabbed rolls of tp and ran directly to Toomer’s Corner. It was such a wonderful feeling to gather under the oaks to celebrate with other Auburn fans. I think the thing I love most about Toomer’s Corner and the oaks, is that when you are standing under the rolled oaks surrounded by other Auburn faithful, you feel such a strong sense of home and family and pride and love for Auburn University. I always felt (and still do) tremendous pride to be part of the Auburn family. I am so thankful to have been an Auburn student and to have had the opportunity to roll the oaks and stand under them with other Auburn fans. My heart is broken … feels like we’ve lost two dear friends. War Eagle.
  23. Lee Tompkins I love that a few trees hold so much significance and love, and can bring together so many walks of life, that it makes me cry with orange and blue pride.
  24. Kelly Morton ‘98 The connection you have, automatically, when you meet another alum. It’s an automatic conversation starter and a great way to share memories!
  25. Mark McWhorter ‘86 I love the sense of history one gets while standing there, of all the generations of the Auburn family who have been at the Corner. I also love how so many fans of the losing teams had to drive past it as they were leaving town after the games!
  26. Leigh Ann Sadler ‘00 You can stand in front the drugstore facing the trees and 3/4 of the people that pass by will say “War Eagle” on Gameday! War Eagle!
  27. Kriszti Kilpatrick ‘10 I love the band playing while everyone is rolling. I love to hear the laughter of kids and to see them climbing together in the trees to get rolls down. I love the memories of my husband helping our little boy throw his first roll as a toddler in 2011. I love the wispy white paper waving in the sunshine the day after.
  28. Linda Daniel Moore My favorite picture of my then little boys sitting on the wall holding toilet paper and wearing Auburn Starter jackets three times too big for them!
  29. Landra Black It’s where my Alabama husband Rod Black proposed to me!!!
  30. Larry Daniell I love, after many home wins against “the other team up the road”, singing songs as the AU Band plays with others who share a love for all things Auburn.
  31. Kristi Shults Jacobs I loved carrying on the TRADITION! Being able to share the tradition of rolling the trees with your child for the first time is great. You are passing on a family tradition!
  32. Chip Plylar I like being around my Auburn family after a VICTORY CELEBRATING.
  33. Lonnie Loescher Parizek and the fresh squeezed lemonade! it was the best ever.
  34. Susan Livingston Celebrating the1972 AU/AL victory rolling 17-16 Punt Bama Punt
  35. Shelton Randy Thompson ’93 Reflecting on the Auburn Oaks – I think about the Oaks and the lives and hearts that they have touched. The football wins, of course, are what first come to mind. But there was so much more these trees witnessed. I reflect on the millions of conversations held beneath them on so many fall days, so many spring afternoons, so many winter evenings. They witnessed the spark of young lives daily unfolding in their shade. People touched each other’s souls beneath them, their path changed forever. People were inspired beneath them, plotted new directions for their lives beneath them. I can quickly return there in my mind’s eye and feel the shadows of the boughs dance upon my face, the smell of rich aged fauna enveloping my senses. I can see the aging clock tower in the distance with its antiquated architecture beckoning to a slower paced, more thoughtful age when style and quality were an expected element of everyday life. So, this etched memory is just that now a memory. I can never return there to experience this corner in the same way it will forever be recorded in my mind. All the kings horses and all the kings men can never return me to that spring day of long ago when my heart was full and my future on fire, when these kind Giant Oaks looked down on my young life and protected me from the sun and issued solace and hope to my soul and promised me untold bounty for my future. I will never return to this place to gaze upon the void or to view the dressing of the wound however fanciful the attempted resurrection of the space may be. I will return to this corner on beautiful days only in my mind, strolling by my compatriots, my brothers and sisters, gathering near the mammoth foliage and its enveloping embrace in 1930’s, 1940’s or 1990’s. I will stroll by and admire this corner reflecting on its meaning and knowing it’s a deeply important place for so many and is a living part of the whole of the University. I think when I near the end of my days as an old man with my family gathered around me wondering where I am with my far away gaze, that I will be there at Toomer’s Corner leaning against one of those massive Oaks with an energetic smile and a heart full of gratitude and pride for my Alma Mater and for these living symbols that have touched so many lives along the way. I bid you adieu my friends and thank you for the shade
  36. Nina Sue Vickrey Kynard The dedicated Auburn fans
  37. Judy Rose Worrell Walking from Auburn High (now AJH) to Toomer’s and getting lemonade and then watching the Werck Tech pajama parade. All the homecoming parades, watching the KA’s secede and the union and selling big beautiful mums on game day.
  38. Kim Spencer lemonade! Bo Jackson’s limo ride with the Heisman down College! Burn the Bulldogs Parade/Pep Rally! entrance to campus! Samford clock in the distance!
  39. Melissa Rice I love the “feel” of the drugstore every time I go in. While most people think of Toomer’s Corner as the celebration place, I still think of the store, the lettering on the building and, of course, lemonade.
  40. Jane Cole Ziegenfelder I love that the “Toomers feeling” is something that you can’t understand unless you have Auburn in your blood and in your soul….. “It’s and Auburn Thing!” War Eagle!
  41. Rachel Riddle Culver Photos of Freshmen between the gates under the trees as they start their journey at Auburn. And photos of graduates between the gates and under the trees as they end their journey at Auburn.
  42. Lynn Wiggins Jones What I love about Toomer’s Corner is that it is a special place to share with our families, the experience is like no other. It has always felt like Old Times and Memories of days gone by.
  43. Kim Nordgren Whitt Eating at The Grill
  44. Richard Ivey It’s where Tradition’s are taught and handed down to the next generation of Auburn men and women!
  45. April Powell One word: Tradition!
  46. Rachel Riddle Culver Watching 2, 3 and 4 generations of Auburn fans rolling the trees together.
  47. Emily Allen Celebrating the perfect Senior year in 2010 with all of my friends and a Heisman winner!
  48. Samuel William Barnett Toomer’s Corner is so many things to me; it sets the tone of what Auburn is all about, it’s like your backyard where all your family and friends meet, when you walk through the corner, you know you have arrived, it’s the heart of AU. Toomer’s Corner reveals the genius loci of Auburn University. I love AU.
  49. Tricia Sellers Crapet I have always said that Toomer’s Corner is truly the “Gateway to the Auburn Spirit”! That’s what I love most about it, and always will! WDE!
  50. Robin Conaway Mitchell You can find everything in Auburn if you start here. Perfect directions begin with….”from Toomers Corner……”
  51. Tony Cummins Feels like home…. Can’t relate unless you’ve experienced it… WarEagleAlways!!!!
  52. Missy Brown Spending hours on graduation day waiting to get ur pictures with the oaks. And later that night meeting an awesome group of people who love those trees as much as u do.
  53. LeeAnn Lacrouts Givan Toomer’s Corner is where tradition and pride are passed down to future generations. I am so blessed to have been able to show my 4-yr-old last Saturday
  54. Rob Rowsey 17-16 nothing more to say……
  55. Suzanne Respess The mighty oak represents the tree of life. Toomer’s oaks represent the Auburn life and the strong foundations built while we were there and rely on when we leave.
  56. Carrie Harding I loved no matter how long you had been gone and how much the campus changed the oaks were always the same!
  57. Mallory Rice Maher A feeling of true awe
  58. Jonathan Harris Toomer’s Corner is the intersection of Auburn spirit and tradition, the crossroads of generations of the Auburn family, it is at the very heart of Auburn, forever rooted, forever Auburn.
  59. Pam Fellows Nothing like the War Eagle Spirit!
  60. Wesley Carr there was once an art show hosted was under the Toomers Oaks a long time ago – that may have happened a number of times.

61.  Brenda S Jones ‏‪@BSJones10 @AUAlumniAssoc #Tradition

62.  Neely ‏‪@Neelycat7 @AUAlumniAssoc The beauty of it all when the trees are covered.

63.  Neely ‏‪@Neelycat72 ‪@AUAlumniAssoc The display of the “Auburn Spirit”.

64.  Neely ‏‪@Neelycat72 19h ‪@AUAlumniAssoc The squeals of delight from the children.

65.  Neely ‏‪@Neelycat72 19h ‪@AUAlumniAssoc The Auburn Family celebrating together.

66.  Jimmy Stubbs @bankerstubbs: @AubietheTiger01 after the 1989 Bama beat down. I’ve never seen so much toilet paper in those trees. It looked like snow!

67.  Jennifer Worley @worley_jennifer: @AubietheTiger01 beating florida n 90s, we werent favored &kickedbutt FL fans tried 2 go thru so we rolled their cars! 1memoryoutof100s

68.  Van Plexico @VanAllenPlexico: @AubietheTiger01 Rolling Toomer’s w my pal ‪@DennisMirabile in ’93 or ’94 after huge hoops upset of Arkansas! We were only ones there!

69.  Shelby Abercrombie @shelbster22: @AubietheTiger01 Getting hit in the face with TP while rolling Toomer’s after the Natl Championship!‪#toomersmemories ‪

70.  Brett Fuller @BAF614: @AubietheTiger01 introducing my daughter to the Oaks after the National Championship. Thankful for this memory‪

71.  Johnny Green @johngreen1620: @AubietheTiger01 after we beat Bama, 1st game at Jordan Hare, guy in blue and orange Santa suit at Toomers going Ho, Ho Ho, 4 in a row!

72.  Lindsey McAlister @LindseyDMac: @AubietheTiger01 2005 Iron Bowl when we sacked Brodie 11 times. At Toomer’s Corner someone had hung eleven paper sacks from Winn-Dixie.

73.  Rosie Mitchell ‏‪@RosieJMitchell @AUAlumniAssoc Samford Hall

74. Fran McCurry Plott What I love? I love that my husband proposed to me under The Toomer’s Oaks on 1-11-11 at 1:11 am with 30,000 people in attendance! Added to that, we were also celebrating the 2010 National Championship!

75.  Patty Rippey ‘90 On the rare occasion I woke up early after game day, I loved walking to Toomer’s Corner to see the trees rolled and blowing in a light breeze in the quiet stillness of the morning. I will miss those grand old trees!

76.  John Kelton ’92 As a Freshman, I stood in the shade of those Oaks, looked across Magnolia Street and saw my future bride. It was love at first sight. I fell in love with her too. War Eagle! Industrial Design Class of 1992

77.  Renea Solomon I’ve been an Auburn fan my whole life and when I went to my very first game, I saw that beautiful symbol of Auburn pride, tradition and how majestic it was, I literally teared up. Love that symbol, Toomer’s may be coming down, but pride and love for Auburn never will. WAR EAGLE!!!!

78.  Nicole You make small world connections at the oaks. Finding friends of friends who live thousands of miles away.

79.  Rebecca Jacks Receiving my engagement ring 31 years ago and celebrating 35 years of memories every time we visit our Auburn family at Toomer’s.

80.  Trent Kuykendall ’89 My favorite memories of the celebration at Toomer’s Corner always included Johnny “Mr. Penny” Richmond leading the cheers as we circled around. He carried his boombox on his shoulder and lead us through the fight song as toilet paper rained down upon us.

81.  Roy McCrary I have loved celebrating huge football wins but what sticks out to me is the impromptu celebrations as a student. Bo Jackson winning the Heisman and the March madness upsets of Sonny Smith particularly Purdue, Kansas, and #1 seed St. Johns.

82.  Corky Thompson Standing in the middle of that big paw in the intersection, looking all around and knowing exactly where you are… home.

83.  Burnie Brown I love the freshly made limeades from Toomer’s Drugs!

84.  M Knox The year Auburn beat Alabama 17-16 in the Iron Bowl everyone decided to drive back to Auburn to celebrate at Toomer’s corner instead of partying in Birmingham. In the middle of Toomer’s corner there was a giant bonfire. Back then the red light hung in the middle of the intersection and we rolled the wires that crisscrossed the intersection. The crowd kept rolling and the toilet paper kept burning. “PUNT BAMA PUNT” could be heard for miles. I love that no matter where you are in the world you always want to be at Toomer’s corner after a big win.

85.  Shannon Farnell Stringer – Toomers Drugstore! I am so proud my dad worked there! #AuburnMag

86. Jenna Mullins ’12 – It just reminds me of home.

87.  Corky Thompson – Standing in the middle of that big paw in the intersection, looking all around and knowing exactly where you are… home. #AuburnMag

88.  Melissa Tucker – I love the fact that generations in my family have rolled those trees!! I love knowing that I shared that experience with so many family members. #AuburnMag

89.  Rich Edmondson When the football team got to roll the corner the day Bo was announced Heisman winner. That turned into an all out TP war among the players #AuburnMag

90.Kathy Owsley Moates – I love saying “Meet you at Toomers Corner under the oaks after the game’ and NOBODY ever says “Where’s that?” #AuburnMag

91.  Chip Plylar – I like being around my Auburn family after a VICTORY. #AuburnMag

92.  Tracy Gordon Butler – How the visiting team has no knowledge of not being able to drive downtown after a win and they are stuck in the middle looking at us. #AuburnMag

93.  Daniel Roberts I like watching everybody else’s “reverence” and “reaction” to it.

94.  Trent Kuykendall ’89 – My favorite memories of the celebration at Toomer’s Corner always included Johnny “Mr. Penny” Richmond leading the cheers as we circled around. #AuburnMag

95. Ponya Parks When we played an away game, Toomer’s Drugs got the telegraph and would throw the paper tape from the telegraph machine on the corner (maybe the trees) to let residents and students know of the victory! . My mother graduated in 1957 and also told me this story.

96. Bradley Roberts ’13 Toomer’s Corner was the first thing I remember seeing when I went to my first Auburn football game in 1999… I graduate from Auburn next week.

97. Jenna Mullins ’12 It represents the past, present and future of Auburn University.

98. Chelsea Clements ’11 Being in Arizona after the national championship game and still being able to see all of the fans gathered at Toomer’s Corner for the win on the live webcam.

99. Lane Jones I like being able to walk to and from classes and still being able to appreciate the beauty of Toomer’s Corner and the tradition it holds.

100.Dylan Parker I love the town, the people, the local businesses, the community and all of the memories at Toomer’s Corner.